Animated Navigation Menu

Animated navigation menu. Done almost solely in HTML/CSS, the only JavaScript creates the animated effect. It's fully functional without the JavaScript. I used no libraries of any sort in building it.

Easing Marquee

When building a Windows app, I wanted flexible marquee-like behavior and the only widget I found online was not free. So I built my own. Technologies used are jQuery and jQuery UI. The code is available on GitHub.

ApproveIt jQuery Mobile Prototype

As part of a hackathon at work, I developed this jQuery mobile prototype to demonstrate the possibility of such an app. (It's not a fully functioning app, but rather a demo that follows a script).

Personal Portfolio

This page was a grand exercise in itself. I built it using responsive techniques (try resizing your browser). A couple of the more enjoyable challenges building it were:
  1. The transparent header, which is fixed, and getting it to work with the in-page navigation. To get the anchors to target the relevant section and not have it render below the fixed header, I set the top padding of the three sections to the same amount as the height of the header, then negated that space in the document by subtracting the same amount in the top margin for the sections.
  2. The dialog you are now viewing, as well as the one for Concur Technologies, are jQuery UI dialogs. But the content is loaded from separate HTML pages retrieved with AJAX calls.

"Holy Grail" Layout

The audatious name is not mine, but the "holy grail" layout has two fixed sidebars with a liquid center, with the liquid center coming first in the document structure. This done solely with HTML and CSS, and should work with IE8+.

Analog Clock

Responsive analog clock created with CSS3, HTML and JavaScript. No images were used in the creation of this. Try resizing the browser to test responsiveness. Works with IE9+, and V-1 for FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

CSS Bubble Talk

The head says it all.