peter hanus

a seasoned web generalist, with solid experience across all tiers, and a passion for javascript and front-end engineering.

my portfolio

Some of the stuff I've been up to lately

My Employment

Current/previous positions and skill set


Sr. Software Design Engineer
Concur Technologies

Multi-tier generalist on the Bellevue travel team, with more recent focus on UI development with Prototype.js and jQuery.


Software Development Engineer
Microsoft Corporation

Multi-tier web development on two projects: MSN Autos and Windows Family Safety teams. On Family Safety, I architected the initial administrative website, and ended up working across all tiers with my final couple years doing database development.


  • JavaScript (vanilla, jQuery, Prototype.js, Knockout), CSS/LESS, HTML
  • SQL Server, C#/.Net
  • Visual Studio, Subversion
  • Familiarity with UI Performance, Accessibility, i18n

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