While at Microsoft, I worke on a V1 project called Windows Live Family Safety, which included client software, drivers, web services (the clients software communicated with) and an administrative website. I initially architected the administrative website. It evolved into a single page app and interacted with a number of partner services, including Windows Live ID (nee Passport) and ABCH (contacts and roles and sharing). It was dynamic, utilized AJAX throughout, and was built with an in-house JS framework (the ""Windows Live framework""). It was accessible and available in over 30 languages, including RTL.

Windows Live Family Safety Administrative Site

This is one of the reporting screens on the site.


Child settings screen.

Web Filtering

Web filterings screen.

Block Page

When the client blocked a user from accessing a restricted site, they were redirected to this block page, when they could either e-mail a parent for permission, or have them provide over the shoulder permission (with OTS Passport authentication).